What’s the best juicer on the market today is a question all juice enthusiast want to know. Beginners looking to make this part of their lifestyles aren’t looking for a machine that may be a temporary fix. They need something that is going to work great now and as long as they plan on keeping it.

This machine is not going to be a fit for someone looking for the cheapest fix. A juicer that fits all criteria of what is considered perfect is going to take an investment. Just remember that if this is something that you plan to make a part of your everyday life, it is worth it.

There are two types of juicers to consider when buying. Alternatively, you can find some really good reviews on juicers here.


Sometimes referred to a cold-pressers, these machines mash and crush fruits to produce juice. They are typically more expensive but they do take some getting used to. These machines sometimes jam when hard vegetables are added to them. When looking for this style of juicer look for ones that come with a reverse button. If you are also someone that prefers their juice to contain more pulp this is right for you.

Juice Extractors

If you’ve heard of centrifugal juicers these are the ones you are looking at. They utilize a circular disk that spins rapidly to cut fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables are then spun around and the pulp is then separated from the juice. These machines, however, may be a little more difficult to clean especially if they require you to dismantle them completely. These machines also tend to remove a lot more fiber than usual.

That being said it is now important that you choose a juicer that can be used by both beginners and experts. It should be able to fulfill all criteria of what makes a juicer great and still work within a reasonable budget.

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor

Breville is known for providing quality small appliances. This model is a little older being built in 2015 but that does not mean it still doesn’t perform well. It is made of a die-cast material that makes it one of the sturdiest juicer on the market. It’s not particularly small so it may be harder to store in your cabinets. That may not be an issue however as this piece is stylish enough to be kept out.

This machine is easy to clean as only 4 parts need to be removed. Its 3-inch chute enables the user to place large fruits and vegetables in making it easier to create juice. There are 2 speeds on this machine which is great for those looking to juice harder vegetables such as carrots.

A downfall to this machine is that it comes with a 1-year warranty, unlike other machines that come with up to 15 years and at a price tag of $300.00 USD. Reports have also been made that customer service to utilize the warranty has been very bad.