• Memoirs From My Childhood

    I have loved oatmeal ever since I was child and thank god did my siblings love it too. After we came home from school, we would always find a batch of crispy Oatmeal cookies on the counter. Sometimes I think my mom simply lays it out there for us as it would always be not too hot to consume. It’s very easy to make as well.


    All you need is three sticks of unsalted butter, a cup of light brown sugar, 144 grams of granulated sugar, a large egg, 1-1/2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, three cups of rolled oats, 1-1/2 cups of all purpose flour, 3/4 teaspoon of kosher salt, 2-1/2 teaspoons of baking soda and two cups of raisins.


    Always preheat the oven to 350˚F. Cream the sticks of butter until fluffy in a mixer. Then, pour in the sugar and continue to cream them together. Make sure it’s light and fluffy. Then add the egg and vanilla. Continue to cream them as well.

    Mix the oats, flour, salt and baking soda in a big bowl. While the machine is still mixing, add the oat mixture and let it combine. After a minute, add the raisins and let it mix. This is where it gets messy. You can either use your hands or a tablespoon for this. Drop a tablespoonful of the mixture on the baking sheets. Don’t forget to leave gaps. Bake these cookies around 10 minutes and it’s done. Be sure to let them cool before eating.

  • Cookware Suggestions and My Favourite Dish

    Stainless steel cookware is shiny, durable, and versatile. Every kitchen can use it to make the cooking process more efficient. If you’re searching a good stainless steel cookware set, my personal judgements are here to help.

    Best Budget Stainless Steel Cookware

    In my opinion, the Classic Stainless Steel line from Calphalon is the best budget choice. This line of kitchen stainless steel gear provides you high quality at an affordable price. These items are combining classic beauty, good cooking results and excellence workman craft for your everyday kitchen needs.

    Best Value Stainless Steel Cookware

    The MultiClad Pro from Cuisinart is the best all-around stainless steel cookware item. This great MCP-12N stainless tri-ply product is practical and effective. The item features 18/10 stainless steel wrapping an aluminum core. This allows the product to be durable and suitable even for high heat, proving an evenly cooking. The MCP-12N is oven-safe up to 550 F and works with most broiler stoves.

    Best Stainless Steel Induction Cooker

    The Duxtop Whole-Clad Tri-Ply qualifies as the best for induction product. This product comes with a flat bottom. Magnetic stainless layers wrap its thick aluminum core. Its special design makes it efficient for gas, induction, halogen, and electronic ranges. The product is freezer-safe and safe for using in ovens up to a temperature of 550F.

    The Best Stainless Steel Cookware

    The stainless steel cookware reviews reveal that the best performance item is the All-Clad stainless steel. The All-Clad brand is well known and appreciated for its superior quality among food experts and pro cooks. This all-purpose cookware multi-ply product that comes with lifetime warrantee qualifies as the advanced performance winner due to its high quality 18/10 stainless steel.

    I particularly like the All-Clad Emeril E914SC64 stainless steel product. This comes with a great cooking performance, as well as a stunning appearance. All these impressive features that usually can be found only in premium kitchen gear are provided at an affordable price. The product also received a good customer reviews rating.

    My New Stainless Steel Saucepot

    I recently found a super easy Hot and Sour Chicken Broth recipe that I wanted to test out with my new stainless steel cookware. I bought this cookware because I really like the way it looks and it comes with a steamer as well. Basically, it’s a multipurpose cookware. The stainless steel cookware that I bought is the Farberware Classic Saucepot and Steamer. Now, let’s move on to the recipe that serves up to 6 people and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.


    I used a big red onion instead of 2 shallots, 3 sticks of lemongrass, ginger, 5 red chillies (cause I love spicy foods!), a handful of coriander and spring onions, 3 chicken breasts (cut into bite-sized pieces), sesame oil (but you can use groundnut oil too), 1.75 litres of light chicken/vegetable stock, fish sauce and 4 limes.

    Making This Dish

    The first thing you have to do is obviously wash the ingredients and peel them. Then, thinly slice the shallots, cut the lemongrass (don’t forget to remove the leaves), chop the ginger, chilli, coriander, spring onions and chicken. The chicken should be in bite-sized pieces. Now, fry the onions till they’re light brown. When the onions are perfect, put in the lemongrass and ginger. After a 30-40 seconds, add the stock and the chilli.

    Let it simmer for a while and then you can add the chicken. All you have to do now is wait till the chicken is cooked. Once, the chicken is done, you can add the lime juice and fish sauce (the amount is up to you). When you feel that it’s ready, add the coriander and spring onions. You can start serving after this. I hope you try this at home!

  • What’s The Best Juice Maker?

    What’s the best juicer on the market today is a question all juice enthusiast want to know. Beginners looking to make this part of their lifestyles aren’t looking for a machine that may be a temporary fix. They need something that is going to work great now and as long as they plan on keeping it.

    This machine is not going to be a fit for someone looking for the cheapest fix. A juicer that fits all criteria of what is considered perfect is going to take an investment. Just remember that if this is something that you plan to make a part of your everyday life, it is worth it.

    There are two types of juicers to consider when buying. Alternatively, you can find some really good reviews on juicers here.


    Sometimes referred to a cold-pressers, these machines mash and crush fruits to produce juice. They are typically more expensive but they do take some getting used to. These machines sometimes jam when hard vegetables are added to them. When looking for this style of juicer look for ones that come with a reverse button. If you are also someone that prefers their juice to contain more pulp this is right for you.

    Juice Extractors

    If you’ve heard of centrifugal juicers these are the ones you are looking at. They utilize a circular disk that spins rapidly to cut fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables are then spun around and the pulp is then separated from the juice. These machines, however, may be a little more difficult to clean especially if they require you to dismantle them completely. These machines also tend to remove a lot more fiber than usual.

    That being said it is now important that you choose a juicer that can be used by both beginners and experts. It should be able to fulfill all criteria of what makes a juicer great and still work within a reasonable budget.

    Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor

    Breville is known for providing quality small appliances. This model is a little older being built in 2015 but that does not mean it still doesn’t perform well. It is made of a die-cast material that makes it one of the sturdiest juicer on the market. It’s not particularly small so it may be harder to store in your cabinets. That may not be an issue however as this piece is stylish enough to be kept out.

    This machine is easy to clean as only 4 parts need to be removed. Its 3-inch chute enables the user to place large fruits and vegetables in making it easier to create juice. There are 2 speeds on this machine which is great for those looking to juice harder vegetables such as carrots.

    A downfall to this machine is that it comes with a 1-year warranty, unlike other machines that come with up to 15 years and at a price tag of $300.00 USD. Reports have also been made that customer service to utilize the warranty has been very bad.

  • How Can You Pick The Best Espresso Maker?

    Factors for picking the best espresso makers

    The world is brimmed with different coffee makers and espresso machines, most of which are almost the same or completely different from each other. Finding one that is good and lasts for a long time while fitting all your required criteria’s is a really hard thing to do, so you should stay up to date of all the information required for a good analysis and deduction. This article addresses all the required factors for picking the best espresso makers and look for Coffee Machine Guides and Top Picks 2017 – Bisuzs Coffee as they have more detailed views on espresso and coffee machines. So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

    Decide WHAT you want to make:

    Many espresso machines make all types of coffees, while others only specialize on a single type. Due to that, the earlier are more expensive than the latter. So, deciding beforehand about what type of coffee you will make is the best way to avoid long thinking times in front of the seller. Below are some types of coffees for people who are new. You can decide which one you will drink after reading about them:
    Espresso: It is the most common type of coffee and is described as pure natural coffee straight out of the machine. No froth and no steam.

    Macchiato: Just a normal espresso shot, but with a little bit of steam and some foam to increase the flavor.

    Cappuccino: The same as a macchiato, but with extra milk. It is the second most common type of coffee after espressos.

    Latte: Similar to cappuccino, but with more milk and a little bit of foam.
    Mocha: Like a cappuccino, but with chocolate. ( This one is my favorite~! )

    Decide HOW you want to make it:

    This is the second most important factor after deciding the primary type of coffee. Different coffee machines and espresso makers differ from each other because of their style of brewing, frothing and blah blah. Below are the types of machines you will find in the market and how they are different from each other:
    Manual: They require you to perform everything by yourself, including the grinding, the brewing etc. But it allows you to control every aspect of your coffee.

    Semi Automatic: Semi automatic machines have a pump, which helps you in grinding and other stuff, but you still have to work on it while the machine provides you ease in the work.

    Fully Automatic: They do all the work, but you have to add water and beans in their tanks and don’t complain about the quality since you aren’t doing anything.

    Super Automatic: This is a fully advanced version of the above machine, and controls every aspect, from water amount to bean size, amongst many other things.

    Decide how much you WANT TO SPEND:

    The last thing is the budget, as a higher budget means a higher quality machine for your coffee needs. An average budget for getting a coffee machine is near $500 to $600, though you can increase or decrease it according to your limit and monthly pay. Just remember, the types of machine listed above are in order of the budget, so you can guess yourself which one will fit yours.

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